Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekly Shopping Guide: Week 4 (29 Oct - 4 Nov 2007)

Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy's Weekly Shopping Guide

Have you ever been guilty of neglecting your ears and forgetting to complete the whole look by not adorning them with any accessories? I know I have. Often times my ears would be studded by a simple pair that would be enough but not a stunner.

Go the extra mile in your fashionista attempts. Choose from our selection of earrings specially made to compliment your look for the day. From dressy to subtle, from cutesy to the ornate. You decide. Just make sure you do not blame us for not highlighting the wide range available. You have been informed.

Now go shop!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Take the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season

The people at Etsy are spearheading a massive initiative to encourage people to buy handmade gifts this holiday season. This as a call to action for consumers to be conscious of how they spend their money and, whenever possible, to support independent creators. In view of that, they started the Buy Handmade site where people can take the following pledge:

I have taken the pledge here. Have you?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lovely Singapore Etsy

Singapore EtsyWhat do you know? Cindy of Starry Designs managed to grab a treasury and she t00 featured Singapore Etsy sellers. Drop by and view all 12 featured items! They are an awesome selection.

Come on, its time to start shopping for Christmas. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We are featured in a Treasury!

Treasury of some Singapore Etsy folks
Many thanks to Melbangel for having featured 12 of our members in an Etsy treasury. Do check it out for a closer look!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly Shopping Guide: Week 3 (22-28 Oct 2007)

Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy's Weekly Shopping Guide

This week we would like to invite you to our garden tea party. To begin with, we would like to offer you a chance to get crafty along with us. For all who can crochet, consider doing up a delicious pan pizza! Get the pattern details from Melbangel and you will be on your way to making many yummylicious treats. No cooking required. No calories involved.

Next, invite Keera by ToysFromTheHeart, along, and have fun with your children having make believe tea time. Add in this quaint brooch by Guileless and you are almost ready to have a sip of the freshly brewed tea Go one step further by accessorising with this week's selection of jewelry. Choose from the wood themed Livingstone necklace by Sparkle Thots or the floral Snow Blossoms by Jewel Parlour, the Cluster of Flowers earrings by Starrydesigns or Sweetie set by ArtFaerie is another great choice. Or go back to basics with Almond Tree's black pendant and Pixei's Autumn hued bangle.

Surely you have found something you love?

Friday, October 19, 2007

saplanet on Pretty Patrol

Industrious types can buy their crochet patterns, but we prefer to buy the finished products, which you can order in a number of custom colors. The cutesy critters are darling little gifts or stocking-stuffers for little girls, and they're the perfect size for Christmas tree ornaments. The little pink bunny is our favorite.

Well said! Who needs mass produced crochet dolls when you can get one personalized to your preferences? saplanet makes great dolls and was featured on Pretty Patrol. We are extremely proud of her.

Go here to see the whole article.

Congrats, Lis!

essentials on Indie Luv

essentials of the Singapore Etsy Team was the featured member on Indie Luv for the week 1 Oct to 8 Oct. Congratulations to you, Delphine! Here is an excerpt of the feature:
Delphine makes some Beautiful Jewelry. She design jewelry Part time but you can never tell by looking at the detail and time she takes designing them. She has a unique style and I am loving it.
Click here for a screenshot of the feature.

Congratutions again, Delphine!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekly Shopping Guide: Week 2 (15-21 Oct 2007)

Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy's Weekly Shopping Guide

This week's showcase unveils a new series of treasures, all awaiting new homes. From the "oh so cute" to couture, Singapore Etsy sellers really know what they are doing.

If you fancy a cute, non-serious approach to the week, or you are already planning how to party this weekend away, check out SAPlanet's Halloween Dotty. Made with the halloween theme in mind, this lil monster is more cute than ghastly. Or for some ear adornments, try Are Two Turtles Faster Than One? by ArtFaerie. The cuteness extends to handmade cards. Look for Uniquegrabs' and Guileless' selections in their respective stores.

Or if you are cautious about being caught by the Fashion Police for all the wrong reasons, try updating your jewelry selection with these! This week we feature Essentials' couture Athena hooped earrings, Beadaholics' Sahara (earrings), Starrydesigns' signature bird's nest pendant (in gold) and Jewelparlour's beautiful Snow Blossoms.

And do remember to check out Seraphinaco's customised jewelry box with tatting featured on the lid. Great to store your treasures!

Now, shop shop away!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Shopping Guide: Week 1 (8-14 Oct 2007)

Singapore Etsy is proud to present the inaugural issue of our Weekly Shopping Guide. Here we feature our top picks, specially selected for your shopping pleasure. Be sure to check back every week to see our latest offerings. Bookmark this page and share it with your friends.


Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy Singapore Etsy
Singapore Etsy's Weekly Shopping Guide

From the creative talents behind the various shops, comes a delectable assortment of goodies to whet your appetite. Start recording them in this book by Maki Squarepatch. If you are looking to accessorise for a great day out, check out the earring selection by Earring Addict, Jewel Parlour and Sparkle Thots. Not fond of earrings, you say? How about this assortment of pendants by Almond Tree, Art Faerie, Guileless and Nature Autumn?

Need something to tell the time with? Look out for Beadygirl's swarovski encrusted watch, customisable to your correct length.

Now are you ready to shop?

Friday, October 5, 2007

guileless on The Storque

Photo by guileless

Congratulations to guileless for being chosen by The Storque to write on article on the handmade life in Singapore. In this article, guileless talks about life in Singapore in general and how handmade fits into the city.

Here is an excerpt of the article:
And does handmade fit into this city? Strangely enough, it does. In the decade or so there’s been an obvious growing acceptance and even embrace of the quirky, off-beat and handmade. Sure, it’s still a very much a niche market. But there’s now a growing band of designers, shopowners and activists raising awareness of handmade produce.
Read the whole article here.

Congratulations, guileless! We are proud of you.

Photo by guileless

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our first craft swap was a success!

Craft Swop Pictures
Click image for large view.
Images grabbed with permission from the real me.

Our first craft swap at Hello Eco! was a huge success! Many turned up with their stash to fill the tables. Besides swapping, the participants managed to interact and have fun times. Look at all the happy faces.

Thank you all for participating. We hope to have another event like this real soon!

Read the original announcement about the event here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We are Official!

We are now on the official Etsy Team page. Check out the Singapore Etsy Team profile here. Thank you, everyone, for making this a success!

If you are looking to join our team, please go to "Join the Singapore Etsy Team" page.