Friday, September 28, 2007

Crafty Together : A Joint Promo

Its promo time! Two Singapore Etsy members, Sparkle Thots and Simple Arts Planet are pleased to launch a special promo!

From now till 15 October, enjoy the following special discounts ...

Sparklethots promotion:
  • 10% discount for all items if you just buy from Sparkle Thots
  • 15% discount for all items if you buy from BOTH shops
  • 15% discount on all Simple Arts Planet Amigurumi dolls granted to buyers participating in this promotion.
Simple Arts Planet Promotion:
  • 15% discount for all Amigurumi dolls if you buy from BOTH shops
  • 15% discount on all items in Sparkle Thots

Enter the code "SAPST" into the 'message to seller' box and wait for a revised invoice. If you happen to pay immediately, we will refund the difference.

Please note: Payment and shipping is to be made to/from the respective sellers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Starry Designs on Pajama Mommy Community

Holly of Pajama Mommy Community was browsing through Etsy when she stumbled upon Starry Designs. Holly received a bird's nest ring and a pair of oxidized earrings and was taken aback by the beauty of the ring and how lightweight the earrings were.

Here is an excerpt of the article:
Starry Designs offers unique jewelry guaranteed to match any woman’s style, no matter what age group you fall into. They carry rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, as well as an incredibly exceptional line of rings and earrings that look like birds nests, which I was thoroughly impressed with.
Read the whole article here.

Besides getting a wonderful review, Starry Designs has also been Jammy Approved! Congratulations, Cindy!

Jammy Approved is a section that singles out the reviews that they have done in which they were very impressed by the product and absolutely love.

Craft Swap on 29 September

Craft Swop

Went overboard on your supply spree? Have bead, yarn, clay, wood or your craft stash that you don't want but can't bear to trash? You're not alone! Singapore Etsy Team presents the first-ever craft swop - where crafters gather their excess craft goods and pick off each other's stash.

When: 29 Sep 2007
Where: Hello Eco! (111 Emerald Hill)
Go here for directions
Time: 2 to 5 pm

Entry is FREE with a bag of craft (all sorts, no restrictions) and Singapore Etsy members who RSVP. Otherwise $2 per person (for the drinks!)

LingGlass on The Storque

Congratutions to Chu Ling of LingGlass for being featured in The Storque today! Chu Ling has been on Etsy since the early days of Etsy and is currently one of the top sellers.

Here is an excerpt of the article:
This week's Etsy success story spotlights Chu Ling, the mastermind and jewelry powerhouse that is Chu Ling lives in Singapore and has been making jewelry for over ten years. She has honed a really unique style of the marriage between glass and soldered metal. She has been selling on Etsy just two years, and has already made over 3000 sales! Now, that is what I call inspiring! She has now been able to make her Etsy shop her full time job.
Read the whole article here.

Singapore Etsy Team is proud of you, Chu Ling!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland

Etsy shop:

I am a independant designer from Singapore. Currently doing lingerie design.

As a hobby, I created my own line of accessories inspired by my favourite children's book, Alice in Wonderland to share with the world.

Accessories are all laser cut and handmade, decorated with Swarovski crystals. They can also be customized to your likings.

All designs are original and only available at Beyond Wonderland. So hurry! and be the first to own what are limited editions of each design!

beyond wonderland


knotty bicsie

Etsy Store: "KnottyBicsie" - A modern way of living!

Welcome to Betsy's cosy home-based knitting/crochet studio - Knotty Bicsie.

Everything at Knotty Bicsie is uniquely handmade with love by Betsy, and sometimes also her Mum, Ai Choo. Our star product (sold more than 1200pairs since Nov 2006), Knotty Baby Booties, is the perfect gift for your little ones.

Another signature invention by Betsy is our Knotty Bangle Bags (sold more than 250pcs since Sep 2007), just right for an outing when you wish to travel light. There is definitely something for everyone since Betsy welcomes customized orders too!

Happy shopping at Knotty Bicsie! at


Little Whims

Little Whims
Etsy Store: Little Whims

Little Whims is all about putting thoughts to paper. Lovely cards, books, and journals are just some of the things available for you to pen your innermost feelings, sketch down ideas or simply to convey lovely words to the ones you hold dear. Our handmade goods are bursting with the whimsical, the quirky, and a whole lot of colour! You never know what may catch your eye.

It’s more than just about providing a blank medium: it’s about crafting a little bit of art to behold and remember by.

Little Whims

Art Faerie by Agnes

Art Faerie by Agnes
Art Faerie by Agnes
~*OOAK jewelry made with sterling silver & SRA lampwork beads*~

...artisan jewelry enthusiast who quests for excellence...

...hopeless bead collector who loves Self-Represented Artist made lampwork beads... mum who takes the opportunity to pursue my passion in jewelry making...

Thus, I am here to share my precious collection!

Art Faerie by Agnes



Etsy Shop:

SugarPunk - Handcrafted Accessories and Toys for Gothic Girls and Punk Rock Boys

...of sugar and ice I'm made...
I began making toys and accessories because of my love for ribbons, lace and other haberdashery.
I make most accessories by hand, the toys are a mix of machine sewing and hand sewing.
My theme is Gothic Beauty but I also like to use unusual materials found in markets around Asia, so some items have an Asian ethnic theme.


Jewel Palour

Jewel Palour

Jewel Parlour – Treasure Trove Of Handmade Jewellery

Etsy Shop:

Jewel Parlour is a cosy treasure trove of lovely artisan jewellery, created by Michelle Long, a work-at-home mum who discovered her creative passion through jewellery crafting.

At Jewel Parlour all designs are created with the aim of bringing out your womanly allure, and reflect a strong feminine style and inspiration of colours. Here you can find quality beads, floral pieces and funky charms, combined in a vibrant colourful theme. Be assured that each piece has been carefully and lovingly handcrafted to please you, because I only sell what I secretly wish to keep for myself! Do come and browse around!

Michelle Long
Jewel Palour
Business Registration No.: 53098624L

Jewel Palour

UniqueGrabs Handmade Cards (uniquegrabs)

UniqueGrabs Handmade Cards

UniqueGrabs Handmade Cards (uniquegrabs)

Etsy Store:

UniqueGrabs - where unique handmade cards are up for grabs!

I am an engineer by profession and making cards is my lifetime hobby. My design inspirations come from browsing through cute and lovely things.

My Etsy shop is full of bright and colourful handmade cards for all occasions. Each card is individually handcrafted by me with care. I hope my cards will bring surprise and joy to whoever you send it to.

~Richard Chan

UniqueGrabs Handmade Cards

Guileless by deborah

Guileless by deborah

Guileless by deborah
~quaintly cool handcrafted jewelry and paper products

Etsy Shop:

I make quirks! and quarks! all sorts of goodies out of shrink plastic, unusual charms and miscellaneous doodads. Creating pieces gives me such joy, I never want to stop.

Almost anything inspires me...if I’m in a right frame of mind, even a random fragment of overheard conversation can be a starting point for a project.

I’m obsessive about my craft….each piece I make is just as perfect as I can get it to be. Each piece is crafted with love, and every new idea I have is the best one yet!

Guileless by deborah

Simple Arts Planet (saplanet)

Simple Arts Planet

Etsy Store:

Simple Arts Planet aims to create simple joy in life, and share this joy through arts and crafts.

I am very fortunate to be able to work from home, which gives me flexibility in time management to work my passion in counselling work, and work my hobby by making and selling crafts in Etsy.

My Etsy shop houses self-designed Amigurumi patterns and dolls. Each design prided with sincerity and effort. I hope you like my work as much as I enjoy making them.

~Lis Chaong
Simple Arts Planet is a registered business in Singapore, Biz #53086721D

Simple Arts Planet

Starry Designs

Starry Designs

Starry Designs - Simple Elegance for the Modern Lady

Etsy Shop:

I am a full time artisan jewelry designer and making jewelry is my passion. Inspiration comes from the vibrant colors in nature.

At Starry Designs, you can always look forward to unique limited edition jewelry made with the finest materials. Each item is made with love and meticulous attention, so you can be assured that you are getting a quality product. Materials used include sterling silver, goldfilled, vermeil, pearls and various semi-precious stones.

The shop is updated with new products every week. But do remember to check out her Bird's Nest Rings, which is one of her best sellers.

Cindy L.
Starry Designs
Business Registration No.: 53094599A

Starry Designs




Etsy Shop:

I am a hobby crafts person and my hobby is to self design and make beads,earrings, bracelets and other jewelry according to my own tastes.I sell some of the bead/jewelry pieces primarily to fund my hobby as it can get costly for me and also because i make too many things for me to keep.


Seraphina Collections

Seraphina Collections

Seraphina Collections

Etsy Shop:

I'm an engineer and I work in a very stressful environment that is driven by numbers & performance. Well, for me, I take everything very easily.. **hopeSo** With God's Grace & Promises that I cling on dearly, I learn to live my life to the fullest... Due to my stressful job, I pick up crafting as a way to release my stress... I find myself enjoying the craft work so much that I become addicted to it and I can make anything that is cute and lovely. Generally, I craft with yarn, fabric and beads. But I still love to crochet the most! It is something that I can do anywhere and anytime. ;)

My Etsy store contains collections of craft that I handmade. I love every single collection that I had in my store and I hope you will like it too. Feel free to browse my store.


Toys From The Heart

Toys From The Heart
Toys From The Heart

Etsy Store:


Bio/Shop Description:
Toys From The Heart is where you can find softies, lovingly made by me, to
encourage creative play among our little ones. For those of us who are young
at heart, these softies are reminders for us to appreciate the good things
in life, like a hug every now and then, that silly smile or laugh for no
particular reason, spending hours doing nothing but play - things that we
use to do without thought as children but seem to have forgotten as adults.

Care Instructions for these softies: Shower with lots of hugs and kisses
daily. No batteries required.

Toys From The Heart

Pixei's Jewels

Pixei's Jewels

Pixei's Jewels

Etsy Shop :

Each Pixei Jewel is a unique piece, handcrafted/hand-assembled by me from a 100% smoke-free, pet-free home. All items are available at ONE-off creations (OOAK). I don't do remakes because I believe in keeping my designs unique, so there's only one or two people has it in the world (probably including myself!).

Even though there are only a pair of hands creating all these works, I want to give you a quality piece. I hope you will be happy and love your jewels as much as I do! ^__^

~ pixei
Business Registration No. : 53100196B

Pixei's Jewels

Sparkle Thots

Sparkle Thots

Sparkle Thots -- Where your jewelry sparkles into life!

Etsy Shop:

At Sparkle Thots, we believe in living the dream. We believe that everyone has the right to shine, to SPARKLE to their fullest potential.

So we design jewelry with you in mind. Come right in, browse around and pick a little gift for yourself or the special people in your life. You never know what you might find. Everything here is handmade with love.

Me? I am living my own dream. To be a SAHM to my baby boy and a crafter of jewelry.

Sparkle Thots

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Singapore Etsy Team Members Stores

Agape Treasures
for your jewellery and accessories needs

stained glass, costume jewelry and gifts

~* handcrafted jewelry in sterling silver and SRA lampwork beads *~

Art is Happiness
Necklaces, drawings and mini paintings

Art Jewelry by Mesmerize Studio
OOAK Jewelry Using Vintage Scrabble, Domino Tiles and other vintage components

A place to sell my creation

Beady Girl
Your Avenue for Beautiful Jewelry & Gifts

Beyond Wonderland
Alice in the Wonderland inspired line of accessories to share with the world.

Choza De Jo
My Little Hut of Jewellery

créméberries store
handmade by créméberries

Handmade beads and jewelry

Earring Addict
Handcrafted lovelies and supplies to make 'em

jewellery & homeware

Jewelry For Beautiful People

Guileless by deborah
~quaintly cool handcrafted jewelry and paper products

Indulgence ~ Jewellery by Marsha ~
Beautiful Tiger Ebony Wooden Jewellery

Jewel Parlour
Treasure Trove of Handmade Jewellery

KateKath Designs
Handcrafted Gem Jewellery

keymistress on Etsy
Selling Japanese fat quarters and other handmade crafty stuff

Khraftings: We "khraftings" for you!
A whole load of random craft things by two sisters high on craft!

Goods for the Young at Heart

Knotty Bicsie - A modern way of living!
home-based knitting/crochet studio creating uniquely handmade with love by Betsy.

++Handmade pouch and bags++

Lily Pang Art
Decorative fine art of flower, scenery and still-life

Delightfully crafted little books, cards and more. Anything that is a little whim and a fancy!

LoLo's House of Little Gems
Handmade jewelry in sterling silver and gemstones!

Lovely Lavender Creations
Beaded blossom brooches galore!

Maki Squarepatch: we sew love your junk!
eco-handmade purses, jewelry and zines.

Manek Lady
Handwoven bead jewelry and accessories

Unique and Original Crochet Patterns and Products

Mwendas Treasures
Lots of japanese fabric, craft books and supplies. You will find in some earrings in there as well. Enjoy

Nature Autumn Designs
~~Handcrafted wirework Natural Gems, Beads,Clay and More

Orangetree Design
Unique jewelry for the feminine, independent you

Take a pause for stuff to inspire a smile. Currently, handmade books, ACEOs, angel clay

Piggy's Little Shop
My small haven for little handmade jewerllery

Pixei's Jewels
Handmade / Hand-assembled Costume Jewelry and Accessories

Pretty Cloth
Handmade delightful goods

Red Wagon Co.
Handcrafted Paper Goods for Everyday Occasions

Seraphina Collection By Jullie Teo
Selling all sort of handmade stuffs - mainly Amigurumi

sereneonion's shop
birdies, bunnies and bears! also, dolls that won't be put in a pigeonhole!

Simple Arts Planet (saplanet)
House of Amigurumi

Sparkle Thots
Where your jewelry sparkles into life!

Starry Designs
Handmade limited edition jewelry

handknits, crochets and stuff for the quirky girl

handcrafted jewellery by beakee

Toys From The Heart
Toys from the Heart are toys that have been lovingly created by me for you. These toys are created to enhance creativity among our little ones.

Treasure Cove store
Our little store

UniqueGrabs Handmade Cards
Handmade Cards, Tags and Bookmarks

What's eating Yin?
Fun, vibrant and eco-friendly cards, collage, gift bags and lunchbags

Shiny Jewelry for you

Original, eco-friendly, reconstructed bags and purses

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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