Sunday, July 19, 2009


Notes from the artist :

First I nunofelted different shades of green merino silk fibres to a golden habutai silk. Habutai silk is more difficult to felt to but when felted, it crinkles up into a gorgeous passionfruit pattern. Then I hand dyed the whole piece in a blue natural dye.The good thing about using natural dye is that it doesn't irritate the skin and when it fades, different colours show up on the scarf so you have an ever changing scarf!

The scarf is incredibly warm and light and drape wonderfully and that is the nature of nunofelting. Nuno felting is a technique invented by Polly Stirling in New South Wales, Australia. She wanted to be able to create lightweight felts. The term nuno means ‘woven fabric’ in Japanese, so nuno felt is literally felt on a woven fabric.The scarf is also of a perfect length to tuck into a handbag!8)

Apprx measurements: 114cm (45") by 27cm (10").

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